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Rome, 12th december 2015 |

The Italian Stability Law: VENTO is going to be done!

Do you remember what the Ministry Delrio promised the 3th June in Cremona during VENTO Bici Tour 2015? VENTO will be done! That promise, on the 12th December 2015, has begun to become a fact. The Italian Stability Law provides for 94 million € in three years to finance the urban cycle paths and to project and realize touristic cycle paths. This is a very relevant news, especially if we consider that VENTO is one of the three pilot projects that will be financed together with the one connecting Verona and Firenze (Ciclovia del Sole) and the one around Rome (Grab).

The bill becomes law! On 28 of december is approved the law n.208.

[Read the text of the law at art.1 Comma 640]


The gentle revolution cycling its way through the landscape.
The authors, Paolo Pileri, Alessandro Giacomel and Diana Giudici, dialogue with Albano Marcarini, urban planner, cartographer and traveler and with Elena Jachia, Director of the Environment Area of Cariplo Foundation. During the presentation will be an exhibition of the original drawings by Valerio Vidali that illustrate VENTO and preparatory projects in the book.


Cremona, 3th June 2015 | VENTO WILL BE DONE

These are the words of the Italian Minister of Infrastructures, Mr. Delrio. During VENTO Bici Tour 2015, in the extraordinary setting of Ponchielli Theatre in Cremona, the Minister Delrio asserts that the Governmet will bear the costs of the definitive design in order to make the project able to be subcontracted.
Both the Minister Delrio and the General Director of the Culture and Tourism Ministry said that those light infrastructure offer a new sustainable development model able to improve inlands.

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What is VENTO? It is not just a cycle path, it is a green opportunity


VENTO is the feasibility project of the longest cycle path in Italy, 632 km (422 mile) from Turin to Venice, from the Alps to the Adriatic sea along Po river. VENTO is also linked to Milan and the EXPO area (+ 47 km), through Leonard's canal (Naviglio Pavese). But VENTO is not only a project of a cycle path, it's also a green economy project, able to create development, economies.

Similar cases in Europe create incomes between 110-400 thousand euro/km. Beyond the Alps cycle tourism has a long history: since tens of years it has been one relevant branch of economics. Studies show that in Germany each km of cycle paths creates 200 thousand euro/year. One of the most famous cycle path in Europe, the one that connects Passau to Wien, registers peak of 5.000 travelers/day and incomes equal to 110 millions euro/year. Those numbers should easily persuade that long cycle paths are one concrete development option to be considered.

VENTO is estimated to create incomes up to 100 millions euro/year, thanks to 300-500 thousand tourists/year and this is able to create more than 2.000 new jobs, green jobs, stable over time and located in lands far from the main economic centers.

VENTO is a key infrastructure of the EUROVELO network

In Europe has been designed a network of long-distance cycle paths, known as Eurovelo: 70.000 km, largely already available, somewhere in progress and elsewhere still to be designed. The 10% of this network is located in Italy whit three routes.

In Italy this is still an idea that hasn't yet generate concrete opportunities for bikers and more in general for lands involved in the network. Many many things to do: this difficult economic trend could support innovation in this kind of tourism sector that European Commission estimates to value over than 44 billions of euro.

VENTO will realize a large part of Eurovelo n. 8, fixing many existing local cycle lanes and allowing at the same time Italy to enter Europe and European tourists to enter Italy.

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