VENTO is included in Eurovelo 8, the Mediterranean Route, the evolution in infrastructural key with elevated security level of Bicitalia 2. For a part of the track VENTO overlaps Eurovelo 5, the Via Francigena, and in Mantova intersect Eurovelo 7.  
Some questions recurring about VENTO track

Is it possible to ride along VENTO?   At the moment VENTO is a project, not a cycling path already existing and ready to be run in safety and continuity. Along the route, there are three different situations:
  • existing and already pedal-safe tracts, 15% = 102km
  • pedalable tracts only by acting on the rules of use, 42% = 284km
  • tracts requiring more or less complex interventions, 43% = 293km
This means that about 43% of the track, 293 km of 679, unfortunately, is not viable and therefore requires major adjustments.

When can I ride along VENTO?
Now, it has been realized the only "feasibility study" that still requires the technical and economic feasibility project, the definitive and executive design phases. It takes time for the works to be completed. At the moment ended the first call for bids for the assignation of the technical and economic feasibility project (ex preliminar project). However, if there will bethe appropriate administrative and technical conditions it is possible to realize VENTO over three years! This means that the first bicycle tracts can be realized at a lower time, especially where the route is already existing or can be made viable only by the rules of use (as in the case of the Po river basins). With a second action it is possible to carry out those actions aimed at maximizing the continuity of the track, eliminating the more macroscopic and dangerous discontinuities for cyclists.

Can I download the VENTO track?
VENTO today is still a project, unfortunately, not yet an existing cycle path, so it is not possible to send or download a map (or a GPS track) of the track. If you decide to travel along VENTO today, you will know that you will encounter some discontinuities (that is, tracts in which you run with cars even on speedy roads) and dangerous intersections.

Where can I eat and sleep along VENTO?
Being a university research group we don’t provide such support. If you want to take the VENTO route (remember that it is a project and not an existing bicycle track) we suggest you to look for accomodations and facilities on the web. It already exists a big network of people ready to welcome you! VENTO touches hundreds of small towns that offer typical products, culture, traditions and sincere hospitality. In those small towns you can find accommodation facilities where you can sleep and taste the flavors of the Po land. Just go there and discover them!